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New offerings allow you to experience geography,
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    Travel Documentation: U.S Citizens

Citizenship Questions When Making a Booking

  When making a reservation, citizenship questions must be
asked in exactly      the following manner: "Are your clients
U.S citizens?";
If the answer is anything other than U.S Citizens or
Canadian Citizens, then next the question should be: "Are your
clients U.S. Alien
Residents?" (ARC / "Green Card holders").


 The reservation must be documented accordingly.
The reason that we need  the question to be posed in this
manner is that we must have the correct  nationality code to
properly advise the guest of specific documentation
and/  or inoculation requirements for travelers of
that particular country.



  Carnival requires guests to provide proper travel documentation in
order to travel. The   documentation is required at embarkation and throughout
the cruise and is the responsibility of  the guest. Due to the heightened level of
security, Carnival is strictly enforcing this policy. Our  policy states that any guest
 traveling without proper documentation will be denied boarding the  ship and
will be under full penalty, and therefore, will not be offered
 a refund or a replacement  cruise.


 Citizens of U.S. Territories and Commonwealth
Will follow the same Travel Documentation Requirements
below. U.S. Territories and Commonwealth include: Puerto Rico,
Guam and the U.S.   Virgin Islands (St. Thomas,
St. Croix and St. John), America Samoa, Swains Island and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.



  All persons are required to carry a valid passport for
all air travel to or from the United States, Canada, Mexico,
the Caribbean and Bermuda.

The passport requirement does NOT apply to U.S. citizens
traveling to or returning directly from a U.S. territory. U.S. citizens
returning directly from a U.S. territory are not considered to have
left the United States and do not need to present a passport.
San Juan, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
(St. Thomas/St. John/St. Croix)
are considered territories of the United States.



Carnival highly recommends that all guests travel with
a passport (valid for at least six months beyond
completion of travel). This will enhance the debarkation
experience as delays may be expected upon return to the
United States for those without one. Additionally, this will
enable guests to fly from the U.S. to meet their ship at a
foreign port should they miss their scheduled port of
embarkation and allow guests that must disembark the
 ship before their cruise ends due to an emergency to fly
back to the U.S without significant delays and


Cruises that begin and end in the same
U.S port (referred to as a closed-loop cruise)

For cruises that begin and end in the same U.S port, ALL Guests are
required to carry proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate) 
and guests
16 years of age and older are required to have a government-issued photo ID.
Any of the
WHTI-Compliant Documents listed below are also acceptable.

Birth Certificate Information

An original Birth Certificate issued by the
Department of H
health and Vital Statistics

A suitable, quality copy of a state, county or
vital statistics issued birth certificate

o   A clear and readable Xerox copy is acceptable
(document does not need to be notarized or certified)

o   Birth Certificate Card is acceptable

o   Guests may obtain a copy of a birth certificate by contacting:
The Department of Health and Vital Statistics at:

                         o   A Consular report of Birth Abroad

 Photo Identification

        A Government-Issued Photo I.D is required of all guests
       16 years of age and older. Sources of Photo I.D: 

        o    Driver’s License

  • Driver’s Permit
  • School/Student I.D (acceptable for guests 16/17/18 years of age)
  • Government-Issued identification card (city/state/federal)


 Puerto Rican Birth Certificates
Due to a sudden rise in identity theft linked to Puerto Rican
birth certificates, the government invalidated all previously
issued Puerto Rican birth certificates issued prior to 7/01/10.
Therefore, birth certificates from Puerto Rico
issued prior to 7/01/10 are not valid forms of proof of
citizenship and are not accepted by U.S Customs and Border
Protection. In accordance with the WHTI
“closed-loop” requirements, guests from Puerto Rico
need to present a WHTI-compliant document or a
government-issued photo I.D with a validated birth certificate
issued after 7/01/10.


Cruises that begin and end in different U.S ports / Cruises that
begin and end in a foreign port

Guests are required to carry a valid U.S passport or other applicable,
WHTI-Compliant Document
listed below to enter or re-enter the United States
by land or sea.

  • Carnival Spirit 3-day Pacific Coastal Cruise: 9/20/11
  • Carnival Spirit: 12-day Hawaii cruises
  • Carnival Spirit: Seattle/Vancouver Alaska cruises

 Cruises that begin or end in Europe

Guests are required to carry a valid U.S passport. It is recommended
that the passport be valid for at least 6 months beyond completion
of travel. See General Information in the Special Voyages Europe
section of IRMMAN for other travel documentation such as VISA requirements.

  Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative / WHTI-Compliant Documents
The goal of the WHTI is to facilitate entry for U.S and Canadian
citizens and legitimate foreign visitors, while strengthening U.S
border security. Standard documentation will enable the Department
of Homeland Security to quickly and reliably identify a traveler.
The Western Hemisphere includes:
United States / Canada / Mexico / Bermuda / The Caribbean.

        1) Valid U.S. Passport: U.S. citizens may present a valid U.S.
             passport when traveling via air, land or sea between the
             U.S. and the Western Hemisphere countries.

Guests may apply for passports at more than
4500 passport-acceptance facilities nationwide.
These include: passport agencies; courthouses;
 post offices; libraries.

New passport cost: $135 (age 16 and older); $105 (under 16).

Passport renewal cost: $110 (every ten years).

Expedite Processing fee: $60 additional (to above costs).

                     Carnival recommends that all guests travel with a passport 
                     valid for at least 6 months beyond the completion of travel. 

       2) The Passport Card.  The passport card cannot 
             be used to travel by air outside the United States

 U.S. citizens may present the new, limited-use,
wallet-size passport card.
The passport card will only be valid for land and sea travel
between the U.S. and
Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean region and Bermuda.
The passport card will facilitate
entry and expedite document processing at U.S land and
sea ports-of-entry when arriving from Canada, Mexico,
the Caribbean and Bermuda.

It will otherwise carry the rights and privileges of the
U.S. passport book.

The card will have the same validity period as a passport 
book: 10 years for an adult; five years for children 15 and younger.

First-time applicants will pay $45 for adult cards and
$35 for children.

Renewal will cost $20.

      3) State Enhanced Driver's Licenses (EDL)

The EDL cannot be used to travel by air outside the United States.
Several states are working with the Department of Homeland Security to develop
 EDLs for U.S. citizens residing in their states. These documents will denote
both citizenship and identity and will contain security features to help prevent
counterfeiting and facilitate the entry process at land and sea ports of entry.

The following states are issuing this type of WHTI-compliant document:
Michigan; New York; Vermont; Washington.

       4) Certificate of U.S. Naturalization and a 
            Government-Issued Photo I.D

The Certificate of U.S. Naturalization (form N-550 or N-570) is a
document issued by the U.S. government (USCIS) as proof of a
foreign born person who has obtained U.S. citizenship through
naturalization (a legal process of obtaining a new nationality).

        5) Trusted Traveler Program Membership Card - NEXUS Card
            SENTRI Card or FAST Card

  These cards cannot be used to travel by air outside the United States.

NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST cards are issued only to
pre-approved, low-risk travelers.

         6) Native American Indian Tribal Documents with
               affixed Photo I.D.
Unacceptable Forms of Documentation

           Copies of any of the WHTI-Compliant documents

Driver's License as the only proof

Voter's Registration Card

Baptismal Papers

Hospital-issued birth notice / live record of
birth /announcement of birth from a hospital

U.S. Military I.D and a Photo I.D

A Dependent Military I.D that is issued to the spouse and
children of Military Personnel is not acceptable

U.S. Military Discharge Papers

  Names on Travel Documentation
It is important that the guest’s full name on cruise
* and airline
tickets be the same as the guest’s non-expired government-issued photo ID they plan
 to use for travel identification. In the event of a different name (name change),
documentation supporting this change is required.

                    Note: For newly married or soon-to-be married brides, we recommend 
                    that if the government-issued photo ID is in the maiden name, the cruise 
                    booking be made in the maiden name (do not include the married name);
                     If the reservation was made in the married name, but the government-issued 
                    photo ID is in the maiden name, the guest must bring proof of the 
                    marriage certificate or marriage license with them.

        Current, valid driver's license with a photo

Government-Issued identification card with a photo city/state/federal)

Legal Name Change court document

Marriage Certificate or Marriage License: original or copy

                     * Since Q-term and Launchpad do not accept middle names,                                            
the middle name must be included in FunPass
Quick Check-In.

 “Acknowledgment Waiver”
We do not permit guests to sign an "Acknowledgment
Waiver of Citizenship" at Embarkation in lieu of traveling with
the proper travel documentation required above.

 Traveling with a Minor
When traveling with a minor where both parents or legal
guardians are not cruising,
we strongly recommend bringing an original
 signed letter from the absent parents/legal guardians authorizing the minor
 to travel with you. This will expedite processing by the Department of
Homeland Security. Please note that a notarized letter to this affect is required if
debarking with children in Mexico (sailing one-way and not returning to the cruise).






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